Setting Goals

Setting Goals

There are different types of goals.  Some goals are lifetime goals; meaning that we intend to achieve them before we die.  To achieve them, we break them into smaller steps, perhaps ten-year goals or five-year goals.  These intermediate goals are then divided into smaller steps, until we have subdivided the lifetime goals into immediate goals that we can work on today.

Setting personal goals starts with your lifetime goals which are followed by a series of lower level goals.  The series of goals and objectives can continue until you have a list of daily tasks.  By setting up this structure, you are able to break down life goals into a number of small tasks that you need to do each day to reach the lifetime goals.

People set lifetime goals by envisioning what they ultimately want to achieve in various facets of their life.  They then set additional long-term goals for themselves by envisioning what they want to be doing and where they want to be five to ten years from the present.  Then they use short-term goals to get there.


Setting Goals

To set goals; first, write down your goals, and secondly lay out your plan of actions that will determine how to you reach them.  Once you have set your long-term goals, set up your short-term goals that you should complete if you are to reach your lifetime plan.  You can set a 5-year plan, 1-year plan, 6-month plan, and 1-month plan of progressively smaller goals that you should reach to achieve your lifetime goals.  Each of these should be based on the previous plan.  Finally, set a daily “to do” list of things that you should do today to work towards your lifetime goals.



Steps for Goal Setting

Set Lifetime Goals

When setting goals, start with your lifetime goals and work back towards your provisional goals.  For example, the lifetime goal may be to win the war.  The transitions goals would be to win specific battles.  The foundational goals would be to win certain positions.

Take the first key step toward reaching your vision, by identifying your lifetime or Life Dimension goals

  • Identify and then focus on specific, tangible targets for what you want.
  • Maintain at least one clearly defined goal for every major interest and role in your life.



Set Capstone Goals

After you set your Life Dimension goals, set intermediary goals that will lead you to your desired goals.



Complete a Goal Sheet

1.      Set your goals so they are directly aligned with your life’s mission, purpose and passion.

2.      Create goals high enough to ignite your spirit and inspire you to take action.

3.      Write down all your goals in specific, measurable detail with declared target dates.


Set Foundational Goals


Set Provisional Goals

Set a whole series of related daily, weekly and long-term goals, complete with starting times and completion dates.


Segments of Goal Setting

  • Lists task associated with achieving the goal.
  • Review the objectives to see if they can also be individual goals.
  • Change objectives or tasks into goals on a separate goal sheet.