Month: April 2011

Characteristics of a Good Team

Characteristics of a Good Team


  • High level of interdependence among members
  • Leader has good people skills and is committed to team approach
  • Each member is willing to contribute
  • A relaxed climate for communication
  • Members develop a mutual trust
  • The group and individuals are prepared to take risks
  • Group is clear about goals and establishes targets
  • Member roles are defined
  • Members know how to examine errors without personal attacks
  • The group has capacity to create new ideas
  • Each member knows he can influence the agenda

Leadership Development

Leadership is developed from within; from within our hearts and our minds.

Leaders are not born, they are developed.  They are developed from within their own hearts and minds.  Great leadership is determined by the ability to inspire trust, loyalty, respect and commitment in others. 

Although leadership does often require action, it is not about action.  Leadership is about being.  

Being sincere

Being honest

Being compassionate

Being optimistic

Being supportive

Being courageous

Being humble

Being empathic

Being flexible

Leadership starts in our hearts and minds with our character and who we are, and then it is eventually displayed in our actions.  Leadership is about first tapping into and examining our qualities, beliefs, and character and then exhibiting them to others. 

Leadership is not about our actions, it is about whom we are and what is reflected in our actions.