BLAST Program


Learning how to work with others, solving complex problems, and setting challenging goals are not just part of sports, but are a part of life. Our BLAST program teaches young people to prepare for the challenges of competition while developing life skills and building self-confidence.

The BLAST Program is a series of fun interactive sessions designed to enhance a young person’s skills.  The skills we focus on are those essential to personal growth no matter which road in life a person chooses.  These skills include teambuilding, leadership, goal setting, conflict resolution, decisions making, and problem solving.  In our program, students will learn such things as leadership principles, how to build a group of individuals into a team, how to solve problems in a systematic way, and how to set personal goals that are both challenging and rewarding.  Fun activities and games are used to illustrate key points and teach students how to apply these skills to their chosen sport(s) and to their life.

Corporations spend tens of thousands of dollars every year educating their employees on these topics.  With our BLAST program, we teach these same skills to young students because we believe that by developing these skills earlier on in life it will give them time to practice and hone their skills so that later on in life they are extremely adept at them. The longer a person utilizes particular skills and abilities, the more they become natural.  This program will allow them to begin to develop life skills at a young age that will be invaluable to them in the future.



“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” Franklin D. Roosevelt